Weekend Yoga Mini Retreat

Start your weekend with nourishing movement and deep rest, all from the comfort of home.

Weekend Yoga Mini Retreats are offered via Zoom one Saturday a month from 10-11am, usually for an hour on a weekend morning.

Upcoming mini retreats for 2021 are 30 Jan, 27 Feb and 13 March. Contact me to book your place.

Gentle flow yoga includes sequences of adaptable asanas (postures) that cultivate mindful body awareness and breath integration. Benefits include lowered stress, better sleep and improved strength.

Restorative yoga includes variations of common asanas that are held for longer while the body is supported by a number of props. It gradually releases tension, promotes growth and repair, and helps us explore how to consciously relax.

Props usually include a yoga bolster, yoga blocks, yoga strap, folded blankets and eye pillow. With a little creativity, the following household items should work well as props:

Two cushions
Folded blanket or towel
Scarf or dressing gown belt

The first 30 minutes of class we will move to release tension and foster mindful awareness of the body. The remainder of the time will be reserved for resting in fully supported poses for rejuvenation.


This class will run on contributions with a suggested cost of £6. No one will be turned away if they can’t pay. Those who contribute are supporting those who aren’t able to.

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