Yoga for Caregivers

Join me on Sunday, 3 May from 8-9:30pm BST for Yoga for Caregivers. This will be held in a private Zoom meeting.

This is for anyone providing some form of care for others in this challenging time.

Because what we call caring is the sum of a million kindnesses that together are best described as LOVE.

The commitment, compassion, patience and perseverance given to whomever we serve is essential and life-affirming.

It can also be taxing on body, mind and soul. So we must care for ourselves too.

Self-care makes sustainable giving possible. It ensures we can consistently continue to show up for our people with the best we have to offer.

Yoga is a great self-care modality because it allows us to connect with our body and mindfully tend, relax and heal it. This provides a whole host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits.

It also cultivates a compassionate relationship to the self, which is vital and can be easily bypassed when we prioritise the needs of others.

I designed this class to provide a reprieve from your duties and guide you in the process of holistic self-care.

In this hour and a half class we will use breath, postures, meditation and relaxation to:

  • Soften key areas of the body to release physical/emotional/mental tension
  • Use the breath to balance and calm
  • Meditate for clarity
  • Rest deeply

We will also crowdsource self-care practices as a group.

If you are wondering if you ‘qualify’ to join: This is for caregivers in the broadest sense. If you share your physical/mental/emotional resources in the aid of others, then this is for you.


This class will be offered FREE for all those providing essential services during this pandemic. That includes healthcare workers, social care workers, food supply workers, etc. No matter where in the world you are located.

Otherwise this will run on a donation based sliding scale of £8/£6/£2. No one will be turned away if they can’t pay. Your support makes it possible for me to keep this and other classes open access in this challenging time.